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1.  How to register ?

2. Is there any charge for registration ?

3. Where do you have the  job opportunities?

4. Do you have jobs for Non-IT skills ?

5. I have already emailed my resume but I have not got any response from you. Why ?

6. Do I pay anything?   

7.  Special  Skills  is it necessary to mention? 

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Are you Looking for a new job ? Planning Relocation ? Look at the job openings listed in this website and email your resume to our data bank. We will contact you That's what this site is all about. Please visit this site as often and upgrade your career KBSconsultants are always searching for engineers, consultants and professionals  to join the employment of our international clients Email your resume NOW !  Creating your Profile for a job position  Tips

 1. How to register

  We recommend that you visit our Career Management Portal JobsVista . Here Your FREE Registration will allow you to manage & update your career portfolio.Otherwise, Simply send an email with your  resume attachment to Do not forget to mention your skill set and the position applied for in the subject line of your email. We will get back to you with job openings most suited to your skills and experience.  
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 2. Is there any charge  for registration?   Our services are absolutely FREE for the candidates.  You do not have to pay anything at all for registration of your resume. We do all the hard work for you AT NO COST  whatsoever.
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 3. Where do you have the  job opportunities? We have job opportunities at different locations with our clients both within India and outside.  Our clients are in constant touch with us for their requirements from time to time.  Some of the important locations are Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and  Pune within India. 

Outside India, our clients are located in
UK, Germany,  The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium.
All major cities within the USA and Canada.
Middle East:
Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Muscat, Saudi Arabia and Africa.
Far East:
Singapore, Malaysia, HongKong, China, Japan and in Australia.

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4. Do you have jobs for Non-IT skills ? Yes.  We have jobs for Non-IT skills and professionals.  Mechanical, Chemical, Process, Civil and Electrical Engineers.  Accounts, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Pharmaceutical, ERP functional, Domain Specialists, Hospitality,  Telecom, Freight Forwarding, Law and Administration are some of the areas where we have requirements.  And because of the close rapport we maintain and prompt services that we render, our clients are regularly  sending us new requirements. 

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5. I have already emailed my resume but I have not got any response from you. Why ?
There  are possibly two reasons for this question. 

a) The subject line of your email is blank or vague and therefore your resume does not get short listed when we search our data bank.  We find that resumes are being sent by the candidates through emails with the Subject Line of their Emails Reading typically,    "job", "resume", "text resume", "resume submission",  "Application", "Application for suitable post", "resume for jobs", "resume for suitable opening", "IT Professional", "Engineer Job", "resume of Sankaran", "KBS Consultants", "Attention: Sankaran".  Click Here Click Here to Sign Up FREE registration

To be active in our data bank Please email resume with an appropriate sentence in the SUBJECT LINE of Email  most suited to your experience and skills ---- Like      "Civil Engineer - Highways Constructions",  "Mechanical Engineer - Project Manager", "Project Manager - ERP Implementation", "Marketing - Consumer Durable", "Marketing - Office Automation Products", "Marketing - Industrial Products", "Marketing - IT Solutions" , "Chartered Accountant - 5 years industrial Experience",  "Mechanical Design Engineer -- Auto Cad / Pro E / Catia --- 4 years" , " Instrumentation Engineer - PLC SCADA - 4 years " It is therefore important that the subject line of your email is properly filled up specifying your skill set and the position applied for. To aid this process in most of our web pages in we have facilitated the subject line to be filled up automatically by clicking the email links.Click Here Click Here to Sign Up FREE registration   BookMark This Site / Add to Favourites

or  b) Our clients have not short listed your resume for the position.         

It is true that sometimes we are unable to immediately respond to all the candidates who have forwarded their resumes to us.  However,  when the resume suits the opening with our clients, we work on the resumes and forward it to our clients.  In order to be active on our search list, please forward your resume at regular time intervals. And don't forget to update the subject line of your email.  It is our endeavor to  service the candidates and to find them suitable jobs. 

 7.  Special  Skills  is it necessary to mention? Absolutely Yes! This will include special Technical skills and Language skills.  Special skills in modules, technology or tools and language skills win more jobs today.

Some of the special requirements that we have are posted on our website. And in most cases the requirements are urgent. So we need to forward the resumes to the client within deadlines. Most of the requirements have been closed by our clients only because of the subject line search for specific and special skills.  We are living in a changing world. To be dynamic Be in touch with us. By visiting us  more often you will be able to look at new opportunities  This will be useful in serving you better. See some of the links on our website. When you see links for  Links       Special  Skills  Jobsearch  

By language skills, I mean proficiency in languages such as Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French etc.  Please mention Certification, Courses, Level of Proficiency. 

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